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Machine Translation

Worldwide communication. Powered by artificial intelligence

Machine translation (MT) is lightning-fast. And highly cost-efficient. Explore our MT solutions to save up to 70% compared to classic human translation


Key benefits

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Faster turnaround for high-volume translations

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Cost savings from 30% to 70%

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Latest technology based on neural networks

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Post-editing according to ISO 18587

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Free pilot project for enterprises

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Join the AI revolution

Do you want to engage with a larger global audience at significantly less cost? We’re tapping into AI’s power to help you. Drawing on the latest developments in neural machine translation, Milengo delivers pioneering translation technology which can be integrated into your existing workflow. Due to our vast experience, we add unparalleled speed and efficiency to your global content strategy

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A decade of best practices

Our service spectrum extends from initial consultation and planning to the ongoing training and optimization of data and linguistic assets for machine translation engines. Based on our experience and research, Milengo’s engineers and solutions architects pick the best system for your individual requirements regarding language combination, content type and industry to deliver the full scope of benefits that can be obtained

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Which content is best suited for machine translation?

When it comes to machine translation, not all content is created equal. An experienced language service provider like Milengo can give you advice on when MT is an option worth considering and which texts are best left to a specialist, human translator

  • User-generated content
  • Product information
  • Technical manuals
  • Internal documentation
  • In-house communication
  • Forums and live chat
  • Assembly instructions
  • Customer support material
  • User guides
  • Parts and product catalogs
  • Online help and documentation
  • Support documents
  • Software UI
  • Knowledge bases

Pick your service level

To safeguard quality when using machine translation, you'll need human post-editing (which is, by the way, ISO-certified at Milengo). But just how much? Take a look at our service options, suited to your budget and schedule requirements

Managed MT

Machine translations lightly edited by human translators. Typos, grammar and inappropriate content are fixed to generate an understandable and usable text that won’t carry the risk of hurting your brand or annoying your users. This option is ideally suited for purely informative and internal content.

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Our linguists will fully edit the machine-generated output. This produces an accurate and comprehensible translation that thoroughly reflects your terminology and other requirements. Intended for technical content where linguistic precision and terminological accuracy matter most.

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We needed the highest quality translation in the shortest time possible. Machine translation with post-editing has exceeded all our expectations, while also reducing our costs.

Yitzik B. – Senior Documentation Manager, Snowflake

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Machine translation is assuming ever greater relevance within the professional language services industry. We have a wealth of experience in developing customized machine translation and post-editing solutions for our customers, in order to meet their dual objectives of high-quality translations at highly competitive prices

Sarita Vasquez – Machine Translation Product Owner, Milengo

Test for free

During a pilot project, Milengo’s specialists investigate whether MT would be a viable option with regard to your languages and content types. Sign up now and discover the limitless possibilities of AI-powered machine translation

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